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Maximize your weightlifting potential with personalized programs to increase snatch, clean and jerk, and overall total.

"I’ve been training under this system for over 10 years and have earned spots on Team USA at the youth, junior, and senior levels. I’m super excited for any and all weightlifters that get to try the programming that has helped me grow so much."

- Hayley Reichardt - Team USA, Pan Am Champion, and World Medalist

Elite Programming in Your Pocket

Train Elite

Improve everyday with daily workouts that provide exercises, sets, reps, and weights to perform for each program.

Tailored Programs

Whether you are an elite athlete or just starting out, Peak Strength will build your program to develop your olympic lifts based on your current numbers.

Backed By Experience

Our training algorithm is backed by 15 years of experience training world class athletes with concepts based on the latest scientific research in the field.

Reach Your Peak

Tell the app when your next big meet is and you will reach your peak strength levels at that time with our proven periodization system.

Personalized to Your Needs

How It Works


The app will build a 10-40 week program specific to your individual needs, getting you to peak strength levels by your selected date.


Start training with workouts crafted by world-class coach Dane Miller and access 700+ videos of movement demos and technique instruction.


The built-in AI will learn from your feedback and workouts to tell you how much weight to put on the bar each set for maximum results.


As you get stronger, the app gets smarter, collecting and analyzing your workout data to ensure you are at peak strength when it matters most.

Proven Results

Join the training system that has produced countless National Champions, USA Team Members, and International Medalists


National Competitors


National Champions


Team USA Members


International Medals

"Finally, the update I have been waiting for!!! I tried the Peak Strength universal training program, but it didn't provide enough training in clean and jerk. This weightlifting program is exactly what I was looking for! It's easy to follow and provides challenging weight recommendations to reach new PRs."

Caitlin B.

I hit a PR almost every day during my first week using weightlifting inside Peak Strength. The program pushes you just the right amount and I definitely would have not even tried or been able to hit those numbers if it wasn't for the app.

Ivan E.

"The thing I like the most are the variations of lifts from program to program. I don't get bored throughout a training cycle. The best part about the variations are that they actually target the areas where I need to improve. "

Douglass S.

"My son's first workout using Peak Strength was last night. He loved tracking and logging his lifts in the app! This is a great tool to keep you accountable and aware of your progress. "

D. Russell

Started Peak Strength 3 weeks ago and super happy...very easy to navigate and I live the features and progressive style...I paid annually so I'm here for the long run #PeakStrength

Dashaun M.